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The Existing One – Nicolas Rivers

Concept: Oscar Salas and Maria Gabriela Paredes Storyboard: Maria Gabriela Paredes Frame per frame Animation: Maria Gabriela Motion Graphics and Composition: Oscar Salas

Nicolas Rivers – Feel Their Love

Produced by Oscar Salas Directed by Oscar Salas Concepts and Storyboard: Gabriela Paredes Illustrations: Gabriela Paredes 2D animation and Motion Graphics: Oscar Salas Editing: Oscar Salas

MS The World Animated Maps

A project performed with brandamos.com Directed by Brandamos Concept and design by Miguel Ruiz 3D animation by Oscar Salas Final Renders Setup by Oscar Salas, Brandamos and Terry Williams

Losing Control – Nicolas Rivers

Concept by Miguel Ruiz Composition by Oscar Salas Animated by Oscar Salas

Musamachina – New year’s e-card

Motion Designer: Oscar Salas Sound Effects and Music: musamachina.com

EDGE V2 Promotional Breakdown

Directed and produced by Oscar Salas General Concept: Carlos Dordelly w/ Oscar Salas 3D Animator: Carlos Dordelly Compositing Director: Terry Williams Compositing: Terry Williams & Carlos Dordelly Breakdown video editing: Oscar Salas