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Panel Sonore

Client: Panel Sonore (panel-sonore.com/) Motion Design & Animation: Oscar Salas Graphics: Oscar Salas Music: Panel Sonore

Explosion Studio

Produced by Oscar Salas Directed by Oscar Salas and Terry Williams Concepts and Storyboard: Oscar Salas and Gabriela Paredes 3D Animation, Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Compositing and Rendering: Terry Williams Editing: Terry Williams

Hoodlum Scrafty Ident

Concept: Oscar Salas Illustrations: Miguel Ruiz Motion Graphics: Oscar Salas


Directed by Oscar Salas Concept and design by Miguel Ruiz and Oscar Salas 2D animation by Oscar Salas

San Valentine’s – e-Card

Entirely created by Oscar Salas


Graphics concept, Color palette, Final graphics, Animation & motion graphics, 3D elements by Oscar Salas Music and sound effects by Panel Sonore


Client: URBE – Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín Art direction: Oscar Salas Motion Graphics: Oscar Salas Song: Jackson And His Computerband – Vista

KJC Comix

Client: KJC COMIX Motion Designer: Oscar Salas Sound Designer: Jamaal Ephriam (KJC COMIX Owner)


Concept and graphics: Oscar Salas Motion Designer: Oscar Salas Music Designer: musamachina.com

Luke Ninja

Motion Designer: Oscar Salas Sound Effects and Music: musamachina.com