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Tips to improve your video sellings


Sometimes you might ask yourself how companies achieve to sell more or even get some clients. Well, I can not easily answer that question but I can try to help you.

I’ve been animating for more than seven years and all my experience it’s been a mix of luck and hard work. Mostly luck because I managed to get the attention of clients without really even trying… Not advertising or excessive social media usage, just uploading my work on the internet and receiving feedback from people. But wait, I would not recommend you to just upload your portfolio and wait like nothing happened… selling your works (videos, graphics, texts and more) is not about putting it up on the internet… it’s more.

In this article, I will try to point you some essential tips on sharing and selling. These two elements are the most important points to get your company moving on the internet.


Adapt some of your content to trendings

One of the best ways to let your people know about the things you do is sharing them through social media. Advertising is changing a lot, and now the internet has more interesting things to offer If you want to sell a product with zero budget. There are techniques to make your social media sharing a lot better and it might depend on the content you are selling. For example, If you want to sell videos using social media, one of the most efficient tips is to make videos related to trending topics… why? because they will have a more chance to get shared. With this, If you manage to do it correctly, you could easily achieve a huge amount of public watching the things you do and get a high possibility to get more clients. There’s also a lot more ways to receive attention… but this one might be the fastest one If you want to create something without spending a cent.


Make your social media profile worth an email

Making your social media profile interesting, professional and remarkable it’s an important thing to consider. Sometimes clients don’t really look up about you, they just care about your work… but in other circumstances, this is the main element to call their attention. If your profile makes them feel they found the professional team they needed or the freelancer they wanted, it’s an amazing plus. How can you achieve this? Here are some tips:

  • Make sure to state how good you are in the main tasks you do. Center the attention in the activity you do the best.
  • If you have recognition, make sure you talk about it! Don’t be scared to share your achievements, they will be a great piece of information to highlight your professional capabilities.
  • Quote some of your previous clients recommending you. If you never asked, try to re-contact some of your old clients and request a recommendation text about the work they received. Making this information public will totally help your new clients to be more centered about contacting you or not. Also, putting these quotes up will somehow proof the quality of your work… and If some of your previous clients were popular in their business, better!


When you talk to your clients, make them feel confortable

Clients usually vary from the type of business we are talking about. The thing is, no matter what you are offering: make then feel good. You could achieve this in a lot of different ways.

  • Care about their opinions and answer all of their questions. This will make them feel more important (even If they already are).
  • Try to never say «no». When you say no, even If there is a limitation on the things you can offer, it’s better to never say that word. In psychological terms, it tends to be perceived as a negative response. Saying it won’t help you to progress further, most of the times.
  • Be confident. This might sound pretty obvious but sometimes it’s not. Some clients believe more in the personal interaction than the portfolios; It will totally change the perspective the client has about you. Don’t be nervous, don’t repeat a lot, make the conversation dynamic.


And that’s it. There’s totally a lot of more things that I can recommend, but this will extend a lot. If you want to get more knowledge about the processes of getting clients and make more money out of animation and editing videos, here’s a great product from a colleague that I can recommend you to check out:



Written by Oscar Salas