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The Existing One – Nicolas Rivers

Concept: Oscar Salas and Maria Gabriela Paredes Storyboard: Maria Gabriela Paredes Frame per frame Animation: Maria Gabriela Motion Graphics and Composition: Oscar Salas


Made for a lyric video contest organized by Galantis and Genero.tv Directed by: Oscar Salas and Terry Williams 2D graphics: Oscar Salas 3D graphics: Terry Williams Song: Galantis – Louder, Harder, Better

Three dots

Producers: HOZT (hozt.com.ve/) Directed by Oscar Salas Graphic concept by Oscar Salas Motion Graphics: Oscar Salas and Terry Williams Composition: Oscar Salas and Terry Williams

Victor Porfidio

Client: t.co/JFaYky3jlp (Victor Porfidio) Produced by Oscar Salas Directed by Terry Williams 3D animation, compositing and VFXs: Terry Williams


Directed by: Oscar Salas Concept: Oscar Salas & Miguel Ruiz Animation / Motion Graphics: Oscar Salas Graphics: Oscar Salas and Miguel Ruiz Music: Left Side Deaf – Ceremony (Tisoki Remix)


Graphics and concept: Oscar Salas Motion Designer: Oscar Salas Sample song: Mootz – Soul Side Featured in idnworld.com/mags/?id=v21n2

Apocalipsis – Barikai C.A.

Animation and composition by Oscar Salas Graphics by Oscar Salas Photos: Public Domain